Some Rookie Vaping Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Some Rookie Vaping Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Making the switch to vaping has many benefits over smoking tobacco and this is why thousands of people are shifting or thinking of shifting their smoking habits. However, the most common mistakes that some newbies (and often the experienced) make are due to the fact that they don’t research enough. Here are some of the most common vaping mistakes and how to avoid them:

Selecting the Wrong Nicotine Level

The secret to choosing the ideal cheap e liquid nicotine level is quite simple; just make sure that it is as close to the nicotine content of the cigarette that you usually smoke. If the nicotine level of the e-liquid is unnecessarily high, it is likely to give you a bad headache or cause dizziness and nausea. On the other hand, if it is too low you might end up feeling unsatisfied with the vape. Choose a level that your body is used to!

Getting the Wrong Vape Juice

There are so many flavors of e-juices available online and in vape stores that it is likely to make you lose track of what you really want. However, it should not be that hard. If this is your first time vaping, choose a flavor that you are sure you will like and choose the right PG and VG ratio.

Choosing the Wrong Equipment

One of the top reasons for a bad vaping experience is doing it with bad vaping equipment. Vaping with poor quality vaping equipment has resulted in many people returning to harmful tobacco cigarettes. However, the right equipment is not rocket science. The secret is to read up as much as you can about the equipment you want to buy and remember that price is not always an indication of quality.

Don’t be an uninformed consumer and do some research before investing in any equipment. This is very important as a bad e-cigarette can make even the best cheap e juice taste horrible.

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