Some Essential Table Saw Safety Tips

Some Essential Table Saw Safety Tips

The table saw fence system is probably one of the most widely used equipment used in woodworking and woodshops all over the world. However, statistically speaking it is also one of the most dangerous tools to be used for woodworks. The secret behind safe table saw use is that it is just like any other power tool. There are some safety precautions that you can take to ensure that your work is done smoothly:

Don’t Skip On Safety Equipment

Regardless of which power tool you are using and for what purpose, it is mandatory to wear the necessary safety equipment. Any woodworker must always wear hearing protection, safety glasses and the appropriate clothing before starting any work. Loose fitting clothes and jewellery must be avoided.

Check On the Safety Features

Before you begin any task on the table saw fence, always remember to check the safety features of the tool without fail. Be certain that they are functioning well. Pay special attention to the riving knife, saw blade guard etc. and make sure that they are adjusted properly before you turn the power on.

Don’t Start the Saw While the Blade Is Engaged

While preparing to start the saw, you must make sure that the blade is free and spinning unengaged. Once you turn the motor on, always allow the blade to reach the full speed before you begin cutting.

Keeping the Workplace Clean

One of the most important safety measures you can take is to keep the work area clean and free of any possible hurdles. You may want to clear the area of cutoffs, stocks, excess sawdust etc. Any lose piece of debris can become projectile if it comes in contact with a moving blade and injure the worker.

Lastly, table saw fence reviews have specified some other safety precautions such as positioning yourself well while cutting and taking care not to reach over a moving blade.

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