Pokémon Go- Make your Pokémon powerful

Pokémon Go- Make your Pokémon powerful

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Unlike any other traditional Pokémon games, you don’t actually train the Pokémon through battling in the game. Players who want to achieve quick success are gaining access to Pokemon go gps hack tools to make their game powerful. Well, this article will share the tips to make your Pokémon powerful.

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In the Pokémon Go game, you don’t make your Pokémon powerful via battling, but  try to increase the CP (combat power) of your Pokémon by feeding it with Stardust and Candy. CP is the rating tool to determine the strength of your Pokémon and you should consider CP of the Pokémon before you choose your Pokémon to use them in battles.

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The two ways to increase the CP of your Pokémon are

  1. Powering up
  2. Evolving

Both the methods will increase the CP as well as the HP of your Pokémon, but it needs Candy and Stardust in different quantities.

Power up

Powering up your Pokémon needs a combination of Candy and Stardust. Stardust goes with any Pokémon whereas Candy is restricted to certain species. Powering up basically requires one Candy, but may require more of them depending on the distance left for Pokémon to reach its maximum capacity. You can easily make out how far a Pokémon is to attain maximum CP by half circular white bar. Normally when the bar shows 75% of the distance, it will cost 2 Candy. Quantity of Stardust required to power up your Pokémon depends on the scale  and species of that Pokémon’s CP.

Powering up will help increase the CP and HP of a Pokémon. When will discover that the trainer level will restrict the quantity you can raise your Pokémon’s CP. IN case you try to raise the limit of the white bar, you will be notified that your trainer level is not at a higher level. Once you reach a higher level, you will be in a position to enhance the power of your Pokémon again.


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